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President's Message: The importance of connection

01 Apr 2021 in President's message published April 2021

In his blog this month, Society President Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed looks ahead to meetings and events in 2021.

Rachel's blog - My first year: a personal reflection

22 Feb 2021 in Your Society published February 2021

Rachel Lambert-Forsyth looks back on her first year as CEO at the Society

Time to Talk Day

04 Feb 2021 published January 2021

4 February 2021 is Time to Talk Day, Taichi Ochi tells us what it is and how to get involved.

Your Society: Being here for our members in 2021

20 Jan 2021 published January 2021

In his first message of the year, Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed talks about how we can support you during the next stage of the pandemic.

2020 at the British Pharmacological Society

12 Jan 2021 published January 2021

Engagement manager Sorrel Bunting looks back at an unforgettable year

Student life during a pandemic

22 Dec 2020 published December 2020

Undergraduate Medical Pharmacology student, Romessa, gives her perspective on the highs and lows of working from home during a pandemic.

Social distancing in research labs, an undergraduate’s perspective

22 Dec 2020 published December 2020

Ellie Hyde, undergraduate Pharmacology and Drug Discovery student, recounts her experience of social distancing in a research environment.

Dr Niall Hyland reflects on the past four years and looks to Pharmacology 2020

11 Dec 2020 published December 2020

Dr Niall Hyland looks back over his term as VP Meetings, and shares anticipation for Pharmacology 2020

President's Message: Announcing our new Fellows for 2020

26 Nov 2020 published November 2020

Professor Munir Pirmohamed announces the recipients of the Fellowships and the Honorary Fellowships that the British Pharmacological Society has awarded in 2020.

Your Society: Our equality, diversity and inclusion journey

27 Oct 2020 published October 2020

Ahead of the launch of our new EDI Vision, Rachel reflects on our journey so far

Inspiring and supporting the next generation of pharmacologists

20 Oct 2020 published October 2020

We know that it is likely that, as a pharmacologist, you have been asked about careers and opportunities in pharmacology, perhaps during networking at conferences, as part of discussions with your team, or even during conversations with family and friends. But what do you say?