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Case studies

To celebrate Clinical Pharmacology Month we have gathered a range of case studies. You can get involved and become one of the 'Faces of Pharmacology' and help to raise awareness of the value of clinical pharmacology to the health and wealth of the UK.


Andrew Scourfield

08 Oct 2019 in Specialty registrar

Specialty Registrar in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and General Internal Medicine at...

Azara Janmohamed

07 Oct 2019 in Academic and NHS

Acting consultant/Specialist Registrar in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics and general...

Jennifer Martin

05 Nov 2018 in Academic and NHS

Professor Jennifer Martin, Chair of the discipline of Clinical Pharmacology, School of Medicine...

Jyoti Nehra

05 Nov 2018 in Industry

Dr. Jyoti Nehra, Medical Research Fellow - Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) Clinical Drug...

Catriona Waitt

05 Nov 2018 in Academic and NHS

Dr. Catriona Waitt, Wellcome Career Development Fellow, Senior Lecturer in Clinical...

Lionel Lewis

05 Nov 2018 in Academic and NHS

Prof. Lionel Lewis, Professor of Medicine/Pharmacology & ToxicologyWhat do...

Catherine Sherwin

31 Oct 2018 in Academic and NHS

Dr Catherine Sherwin is the vice chair for research at the Department of Pediatrics, Wright...

Fabrizio Schifano

01 Nov 2017 in Academic and NHS

Professor Fabrizio Schifano, Chair in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics...

Sarah Pontefract

31 Oct 2017 in Other Healthcare Professionals

Sarah Pontefract, lecturer in clinical pharmacy and therapeutics, University of Birmingham...

Tim Hardman

30 Oct 2017 in Other Healthcare Professionals

Dr Tim Hardman, managing director, Niche Science and Technology LtdWhat do you...

Jeffrey K Aronson

29 Oct 2017 in Academic and NHS

Dr Jeffrey Aronson, honorary consultant physician and clinical pharmacologist, University of...