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Resources promoting careers in pharmacology

Here you will find a number of resources for different age-groups and careers stages to help you inspire and support the next generation of pharmacologists. If you would like to access print-ready formats of some of the Society resources, please get in touch with the team.


Pharmacology Careers Website

A series of web pages and resources to help answer questions related to pharmacology careers, with tailored information relevant to different groups and career stages. These pages showcase the global importance and relevance of pharmacology and provide information on the diverse career options available through first-hand experiences, resources, and advice.



Pharmacology Career Case Studies

A variety of case studies that illustrates the diversity of roles within pharmacology.




A pocket-sized pack of flash cards with key information about signalling proteins and major families of receptors to help undergraduate pharmacology students to learn and revise effectively. ReceptorCards were developed by a team at the University of East Anglia, supported by a Teaching Grant from the Society, and are now available for purchase.



Careers in Pharmacology Leaflet

A colourful introduction to careers in pharmacology 


How do drugs work? Leaflet

A colourful introduction to pharmacology for young people.