Meet the Senior Leadership Team

Meet the Senior Leadership Team of the Society and find out about the areas they are responsible for.


Rachel Lambert-Forsyth, CEO

Responsible for management and delivery of the Society’s objectives.

Kathryn Banham, Director of Scientific Programmes, Policy and Partnerships

Works closely with the CEO, Council and Director of Finance, Business and Commercial Operations to provide strategic management and leadership to advance the discipline of pharmacology, communicating its beneficial impact on animal and human health. Brings pharmacologists together so they can collaborate, debate, publish and ultimately make advances in priority research areas. Works with our members, community, and stakeholders to use our resources to influence and make progress on the...

Mike Poole, Director of Finance, Business and Commercial Operations

Works closely with the CEO/MD, Council, BPSA Board and Director of Scientific Programmes, Policy, and Partnerships to build our financial and structural resilience by embedding sustainable decision frameworks and ethically growing and diversifying funding streams, increasing efficiency, and ensuring robust governance of the Society and its subsidiaries. Provides strategic financial and commercial leadership of the BPS and BPSA, ensuring compliance and best practice in their business systems...