Opportunities for collaboration between pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists to support medicines optimisation in the UK

Article date: August 2019

By: Nina L. Barnett in Volume 85, Issue 8, pages 1666-1669

Medicines optimisation is a clinician‐driven, person‐centred ongoing process. Pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists have medicines‐related expertise to deliver medication review which optimises clinical and cost‐effective use of medication, aligned with patient preferences, contributing to improved health outcomes. There is a large pharmacy workforce, directly accessible to patients, who can provide expert medicines‐related care on the high street, and increasingly in general practice and care homes settings. There are a small number of clinical pharmacologists in practice, mainly working in a hospital setting. Potential opportunities for collaboration are extensive, including local initiatives in collaborative education, formulary/medicines management, electronic prescribing, service evaluation, research, direct clinical services as well as strategic planning through the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees. Pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists have complementary skill sets and through acknowledging the differences in their approaches and valuing their unique skills, health services can ensure that patients are signposted to appropriate services.

DOI: 10.1111/bcp.13966

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