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Five‐year trends in acetaminophen use exceeding the recommended daily maximum dose

Article date: May 2019

By: David W. Kaufman, Judith P. Kelly, Deena R. Battista, Mary K. Malone, Rachel B. Weinstein, Saul Shiffman in Volume 85, Issue 5, pages 1028-1034

Temporal patterns of acetaminophen use exceeding the recommended daily maximum dosage of 4 g over a 5‐year period (4/1/2011–3/31/2016) were evaluated in an online 1‐week diary study of 14 434 adult acetaminophen users who also reported acetaminophen use in the previous month. Specific medications taken were identified by list‐based prompting; respondents were not required to know their medications contained acetaminophen. Details of use were recorded daily; total daily dosage was determined programmatically. Prevalence of >4 g use over time was modelled and tested for linear changes. The overall prevalence of >4 g use (6.3% of users and 3.7% of usage days) did not change over the 5 years: odds ratio (OR) persons, 1.02 (95% CI, 0.98–1.09); OR days, 0.98 (0.92–1.05). Deviations from label directions were largely unchanged, though concomitant use increased slightly. Thus, over a recent 5‐year period, there was no evidence of change in how often acetaminophen use exceeded the labelled maximum daily dose.

DOI: 10.1111/bcp.13894

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