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Your Society

23 Nov 2016 in Your Society published November 2016

It’s hard to believe that when this is published, we will be approximately a month away from Pharmacology 2016. The team at the Schild Plot is focused on delivering another lively and successful meeting, with many new activities planned. 

What’s next for UK in vivo education and training? Lessons from the Integrative Pharmacology Fund

23 Nov 2016 published November 2016

In vivo knowledge and skills have always been essential in academic research labs that investigate basic physiology, ageing, diseases and their pharmacological treatments. Their importance has increased as researchers have sought to understand the functional significance of genomic information, particularly through the use of transgenic models.

Banning psychoactive substances is not enough, we need education too

23 Nov 2016 published November 2016

Novel Psychoactive Substances, also referred to as ‘legal highs’, represent a bewildering array of unregulated psychoactive compounds, marketed globally as legal alternatives to well-known controlled drugs. 

Science is global

23 Nov 2016 published November 2016

The British Pharmacological Society is proud to be a global community at the heart of pharmacology: our journals have a global readership, a fifth of our membership is international, and we represent scientists from more than 60 countries worldwide.

William Harvey Research Institute 30th Anniversary Meeting

23 Nov 2016 published November 2016

The Institute, based near Barbican in Central London, was founded in in 1986 by Nobel Laureate Sir John Vane, whose ground-breaking work on the mechanism of action of aspirin fathered research into the roles lipids play during inflammation

The 19th SIF Seminar Rimini event – shaping the future together!

23 Nov 2016 published November 2016

Olga was one of the four young researchers to receive funding from the British Pharmacological Society’s Young Pharmacologists Advisory Group to attend the Italian Pharmacological Society’s conference.

Early Career and Postgraduate Members granted the voting right

23 Nov 2016 in Young pharmacologists published November 2016

Prior to the approval of our proposal, only specific membership categories were given the voting right within the Society; Full Members, Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Retired Members and Retired Fellows. Members in other categories – Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Affiliate and Early Career Members – were not entitled to the voting right.

Meetings update

23 Nov 2016 in Meetings update published November 2016

A review of all meetings & events that have passed & preview of those who are about to take place in 2016 and early 2017.

Public engagement at the Royal Society of Biology

23 Nov 2016 published November 2016

In October 2016 we celebrated the fifth annual Biology Week with life science celebrations happening all over the UK, including many biomedical events and activities.