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Real-world applications of pharmacogenomics (PGx) in clinical settings

10 Jul 2024 published July 2024

Dr Mark J Hudson-Peacock, Chair/Medical Director of Mantara, explores the practical applications of PGx in clinical settings, highlighting its potential to revolutionise medicine, improve patient outcomes, and reduce adverse drug reactions.

Advances in trans and gender diverse pharmacology: A step forward in challenging times

27 Jun 2024 published June 2024

BJCP Guest editors Alice Tseng, Kimberly K. Scarsi and Mona Loutfy write about the new themed issue Pharmacological Considerations for Trans and Gender Diverse Populations, exploring the UK's "mixed track record on supporting the rights of trans and gender diverse people to self-determination and access to care".

Bridging Pharmacology Communities: The Cross-Institutional Students' Societies Event 

18 Apr 2024 published April 2024

BPS Community Engagement Officer Qasim Abbassi reflects on his experience at a recent collaborative event for undergraduate students.

Celebrating 50 Years of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: Reflections & Innovations 

16 Apr 2024 published April 2024

BPS Sponsorship and Partnerships Manager Mariam Chahid looks ahead to 'Reflections & Innovations in Clinical Pharmacology: 50 Years of the BJCP', an event taking place in London on 23 April 2024.

President's Message: Starting my term as President

22 Feb 2024 published February 2024

In his first President's blog, Professor Sir Mark Caulfield outlines his plans for his term.

President’s Message: Goodbye, and thank you

08 Dec 2023 published December 2023

In his last blog as President, Professor Clive Page reflects on the key projects that have taken place during his presidency.

Your Society: How we’re working through our three-year strategy 

28 Sep 2023 in Your Society published September 2023

Society CEO Rachel Lambert-Forsyth discusses the 2022-2024 strategy, and the work we're doing to ensure we reach our goals in its final year.

Empowering Safe Prescribing: A Journey in Medicines Reconciliation Using a Multidisciplinary Approach

21 Sep 2023 published September 2023

In connection to World Patient Safety Day 2023, Dr Stefanie Lip and Dr Linsay McCallum explore a recent project to enhance awareness of medicines reconciliation and emphasise the importance of prescribing safety.

President's Message: Thank you for attending WCP2023 

27 Jul 2023 published July 2023

Society President Professor Clive Page thanks the people that made the World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology memorable and special.

Pride 2023: LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Pharmacology – are we there yet? 

08 Jun 2023 published June 2023

June marks Pride month in the UK, and as part of our commitment to supporting our LGBTQ+ pharmacology community, we want to hear your thoughts about LGBTQ+ inclusion in pharmacology. 

President's Message: It’s time to secure your spot at the World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology

19 May 2023 published May 2023

Society President Professor Clive Page discusses the newly launched group booking discount for WCP2023, and talks about the highlights of the vibrant scientific and social congress programme.