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Blog - November 2019

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What are the risks of prescribing morphine to opioid-dependent patients, and is there an alternative?

26 Nov 2019 by Célian Bertin in Young pharmacologists published November 2019

In the context of the global opioid crisis, the use of morphine as a replacement for validated treatments may seem worrying, as the extent of the practice and its potential risks are unknown. However, analysis of French health insurance databases has provided some answers.

Avoiding addiction using biased opioids – can it really work?

19 Nov 2019 by Lucja Kudla in Young pharmacologists published November 2019

Are biased opioids the real ‘holy grail’ of opioid research? Can biased opioids avoid the pitfall of addiction?

LUF7244: one drug could save many others from being abandoned

12 Nov 2019 by Muge QILE in Young pharmacologists published November 2019

What should we do with effective drugs that have a high risk of adverse effects?

The future of male infertility treatment

05 Nov 2019 by Rachel McBrinn in Young pharmacologists published November 2019

Despite living in a generation that is more expressive and open to change, male infertility is still quite a taboo subject, making it an under-acknowledged problem.