Blog - May 2020

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Taking extra steps to add kindness into your life

05 Jun 2020 in Editorial published May 2020

The state of your mental health is very important. Kindness can be intrinsic (kindness to yourself) or extrinsic (kindness to others), with each perspective contributing to a healthy balance and good mental health.

Pharmacology education during COVID-19: what we have learned

29 May 2020 published May 2020

Vice President of Academic Development, Dr Steven Tucker, describes a recent meeting of our Education and Training Committee, where we shared ideas and practices for remote learning during the pandemic.

Shining a light on invisible illnesses: inflammatory bowel disease

19 May 2020 in Editorial published May 2020

To mark Inflammatory Bowel Disease Awareness Day, we share one person's experience of inflammatory bowel disease and a discussion of its treatment - current and potential.

Lessons from research advances in spinal cord repair

19 May 2020 in Editorial published May 2020

A look at the challenges of treating spinal cord injury (SCI) and the pharmacological advances in the field.

Pharmacology in healthcare - support for nurses and midwives

12 May 2020 in Editorial published May 2020

2020 marks both the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife and the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. This makes it timely to shine a spotlight on this underrepresented group in the Society who apply the principles of pharmacology in their day-to-day roles.