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Published: 23 Apr 2019
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We are getting started on an important project to improve our Affinity Groups, and I’d like talk to you about why we’re making changes.

If you’re new to the Society, you may not be familiar with our Affinity Groups. They were set up in 2015 to facilitate networking and discussion between members, and to make sure all the different areas of pharmacology were represented in the Society. They also helped to uphold the scientific quality of any Society events that related to the groups’ activities.

Four years later, the need for networks hasn’t gone away. We know that by continuing to invest in our communities, we can fulfil our members’ needs to connect with us, each other and the wider world. That’s why it’s one of our key objectives for 2019, and part of our five-year strategy, to “lead the formation of valuable networks that reflect our position at the heart of the global pharmacology community.”

To do that, we want to adapt Affinity Groups to reflect what members need now. Our goal is to make the groups relevant and accessible to all members. We want you to have the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and breakthroughs, as well as job roles, events and equipment. These communities will be a place where you can find the support you need, whether you are at the start of your career, or at the top of your specialism.

We will be reaching out to members for feedback and to ask how we can support you to take part in these new networks. We look forward to hearing what you have to tell us. We plan to collate our findings in the summer, with a view to launching our new-look networks in the autumn.
I hope you will agree that this is an exciting and innovative step forward for our community.

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