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Affinity groups

The 2013 membership survey highlighted that one of the main reasons members joined the Society was to keep up-to-date with developments in their field. To help support and facilitate this the Meetings Committee launched the following seven Affinity Groups.

These groups play a central role in encouraging networking and discussion between members, and encompass the areas previously defined by the Society’s Special Interest Groups.
  • provide recommendation on ways to represent all areas of pharmacology within the Society’s activities
  • uphold the scientific quality of any Society events relating to the Affinity Groups’ activities
  • promote and facilitate networking, discussion, communication, collaboration and support amongst educators and researchers within the area.
  • recruit and review symposia proposals for, and assist in programme development of, the Society’s meetings' calendar
  • provide support for the abstract review process for the Society’s annual meeting
  • link with our journals with a view to providing content for themed issues and reviews
  • interact with other Learned Societies and funding bodies in the UK and overseas
  • deal with media enquiries and consultations