Announcing our award winners

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of our prizes and awards, representing a range of pharmacology specialisms:

Australasian Visitor

Prof Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, University of Manchester

Bülbring Award

Dr Blerina Ahmetaj-Shala, Imperial College London

Gary Price Memorial Lecture

Prof Jeff Dalley, University of Cambridge

Lilly Prize

Prof Michael Eddleston, University of Edinburgh

Novartis Prize

Dr Rob Lane, University of Nottingham

Pickford Award

Dr Aisah Aubdool, Queen Mary University of London

Rang Prize (non-clinical)

Dr Steve Tucker, University of Aberdeen

Sir James Black Award for contributions to Drug Discovery

Gary Stephens, Clare Williams and Benjamin Whalley (all University of Reading, Benjamin Whalley also of GW Pharmaceuticals) - Cannabidiol for treatment of epilepsies

Vane Medal

Brian Kobilka, Stanford University

Vogt Prize

Dr Rob Hill,University of Bristol; Krishnaraj Rathod, Queen Mary University of London

Wellcome Gold Medal

Prof Graeme Henderson, University of Bristol

Vacation studentships

Hannah Coghlan, University of Liverpool
Jack Henderson, Robert Gordon University
Franceska Kishta, University of Aberdeen
Hannah Lockington, University of Nottingham
James Line, University of Liverpool
Maitiú ó Murchú, University College Dublin
Pappitha Raja, Queen's University Belfast
Damian Soja, Monash University

To celebrate with our prize winners and hear some of their lectures, join us at Pharmacology 2019

Published: 19 Jul 2019 in Society news