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Medical Student Competition winner announced

Published: 04 Jan 2018 in Society news

We are pleased to have announced the overall winner of our Clinical Pharmacology Medical Student Competition is Tom Chambers from University College London.

Tom was one of nine winners of the local rounds of the competition, five of these were selected to present at Pharmacology 2017.

Tom said:

‘I am delighted I entered the Society's Medical Student Competition and I would recommend participating to all medical students. It offered a unique opportunity to be recognised for my work and gain experience presenting both locally and at an international meeting.

Participating in Pharmacology 2017 was an amazing experience. The seminars and workshops highlighted how relevant and exciting a career in Clinical Pharmacology can be, and showed the variety of work on offer within the specialty. It has certainly made me consider following this path after I qualify! Winning the award  was an incredibly proud moment and I am very grateful for the opportunity and support afforded by Professor Steve Hunt (my supervisor), his team and the UCL Clinical Pharmacology Team’.

The competition celebrated the valuable work of medical students in enhancing clinical pharmacology.