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Sponsorship for Clinical Committee meetings

How to apply for Clinical Committee meeting sponsorship

The British Pharmacological Society Clinical Committee offers funding to enable Society members to run clinical pharmacology meetings. All Society members can request this sponsorship.
All applications for funding must clearly state the purpose of the meeting and explain why the British Pharmacological Society should fund it. Applicants may wish to consider the following aspects:

  • Relevance to British Pharmacological Society membership.
  • Potential for increasing journal subscriptions.
  • Likelihood of producing journal articles.
  • Potential to increase the number of Society members.
  • And, promotion of clinical pharmacology careers .

Applicants should specify:

  • The itemised budget.
  • A draft programme (i.e. proposed speakers and topics).
  • The target audience.
  • The proposed location.
  • Any other sources of sponsorship (secured and proposed).
  • Any fees that will be charged to delegates.
  • And, steps the organisers will take to advertise this meeting.

The funding is available for the cost of the venue, catering, AV and speaker expenses (at the rate specified in the Society's travel policy). Funding can also be sought to award prizes at appropriate meetings. Where appropriate, the Society will work with organisers to advertise their events via Society channels.
The maximum contribution will vary depending on the format of the meeting. The absolute maximum is £2500 (usually for larger meetings [>70 delegates] or symposia sponsorship)
The British Pharmacological Society is mindful of its responsibilities to promote equality of opportunity and to avoid discrimination at all times therefore we recommend you take our Equality & Diversity policy into account in your application.
In exchange for funding, it is expected that the Society will:

  • Receive appropriate badging/acknowledgement in all posters, agendas, programmes, meeting information etc.
  • Have the option to either send promotional materials or have a British Pharmacological Society stand (to include the stand and one exhibitor place).
  • An organiser will provide a ~150 word summary of the meeting for inclusion in the Clinical e-bulletin.

What is the process?

  • Applications (no more than 3 A4 sides) must be submitted at least six months before the event to
  • BPS’ VP - Clinical and/or Clinical Committee will consider the applications for funding.
  • BPS will endeavour to reply within four weeks regarding the outcome of your application; this decision in final.