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Sponsored lectures & student events

The Young Pharmacologists Advisory Group offers financial support to student pharmacology (or pharmacology related) societies to organise a lecture in your department or division up to a value of £250; contributing towards the costs of travel and accommodation expenses for a speaker and networking event.

Who can apply?

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate societies, preferably pharmacological, but we would also be interested in receiving applications from biomedical student societies
  • The organiser must be a registered member of the British Pharmacological Society (remember, membership is free for Undergraduates and only £20 for Postgraduates. A very simple online process if you need to register as a member first before taking advantage of this funding)
(We recognise some institutes may not have a student society, however, we hope this initiative might encourage participation of young pharmacologists and could lead to establishment of such a society at your institution).

How do I apply?

The application deadline is 28 February, 28 April and 29 September 2018. Awards will be confirmed within two weeks of the closing date.

What are the funds available?

  • Up to £250 to contribute to the costs of travel and accommodation expenses for a speaker and accompanying networking event
  • There are 4x £250 awards

Why have a lecture & networking event?

  • Explore a topic in more depth;
  • Share ideas with your peers and the speaker in a way that will advance your thinking;
  • Learn from your speakers’ experiences and background knowledge;
  • Gain perspectives and points of view that you might not have otherwise considered

What’s in it for you?

  • Building valuable transferable skills for your CV
    • Teamwork
    • Taking responsibility
    • Time management
    • Collaborating with people form different backgrounds
    • Producing and using visual aids
    • Report writing
    • Small project management
    • Small budget management

 Finer details:

  • We would encourage students to chose their own speakers but if required taking the advice of a more senior Pharmacologist.
  • If possible, a date in the first semester would be good with a view to raising awareness throughout the year.
  • We would expect the talk to be well publicised to the relevant young scientists including if applicable, those at other nearby Universities.
  • If dates and venue details can be provided in advance to the British Pharmacological Society office then we could provide assistance with the preparation of promotional posters.
  • We would envisage that the talk would be supported by a short 5 minute introduction to the British Pharmacological Society, its functions and opportunities for young people and we would also arrange to send relevant literature for distribution to participants. A local member of the British Pharmacological Society might be expected to volunteer to do this and slides would be available via the British Pharmacological Society office.
  • We would ask that one of the students writes a short report on the talk and its benefits which we would then consider for publication in the British Pharmacological Society newsletter or 'Pharmacology Matters'  magazine. This would be important in further raising awareness and could lead to possible expansion of such an initiative.
  • To ensure a fair awards process, we cannot award the funding to the same institute in consecutive years.