British Pharmacological Society networks play a central role in helping you to:
  • network, forge connections and start discussions with other members in your field, as well as the Society.
  • share your science with others, as well as learn about the latest news and developmentsin your area of pharmacology.
  • collaborate and support researchers and educators within your area.
  • get career advice or support from others in your field, as well as build yourself a reputation that could potentially help advance your career.
  • recommend ways that the Society can represent your area of pharmacology within our activities.
  • ask questions or bounce ideas off others.
Networks are accessed via the BPS Community. Once you are logged in, just select 'Networks' from the menu. You can also browse the networks below.

Some Networks, typically those dedicated to specific Society groups or projects, are closed and only accessible to group members. If you’re interested in joining a committee or group, please register your interest.