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Drug Discovery of the Year


This award aims to show how crucial pharmacology remains in the development of new medicines, and to reward the achievements of the teams of scientists who discover new drugs.


The award will be given to the discovery team behind a drug (large or small molecule) which is an exciting new prospect that best fulfils the following criteria:

  1. Gained regulatory approval within the last three years in the EU and/or the US.
  2. Preclinical to clinical translation shows the importance of pharmacology in the drug discovery/development process.
  3. Has a significant impact on an unmet medical need.
  4. First-in-class, or is a significant improvement over other drugs in the class.
  5. And, mechanism of action known.

Past Winners

  • 2016 The team at Gilead Sciences responsible for sofosbuvir
  • 2015  The team at Roche responsible for obinutuzumab
  • 2014  Dr Aidan Gilmartin & Dr Kiran Patel on behalf of the team  at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that discovered trametinib
  • 2013  Dr Rick Graham on behalf of the team at Genentech that discovered vismodegib