Zaimis Prize for Sustained Achievement & Leadership in Pharmacology Teaching

This prize recognises sustained achievement and leadership in pharmacology teaching. Winners will receive £2,000.


The nomination should include evidence of:
  • Individual Teaching Excellence:
    • Long standing involvement in the teaching of pharmacology through direct classroom involvement, course or programme leadership, or the mentoring of students, evidenced in the form of a letter of support from the Head of Teaching or Head of Faculty.  Letters of support should detail a sustained commitment to teaching at an outstanding level.  Example evidence includes, but is not limited to: feedback from students, previous teaching awards, student module or course evaluations, and personal endorsements from staff and students.
  • Raising the Profile of Pharmacology:
    • An intellectual engagement with the teaching of pharmacology in the form of scholarship in pharmacology education (e.g. publications, abstracts, presentations or workshops, funded grants) or evidence of an academically rigorous approach that has had a demonstrated impact on the student experience
    • Service to the teaching of pharmacology at institutional, national or international level through committee or advisory panel participation
  • Developing Excellence in the Teaching of Pharmacology:
    • A commitment to the personal development of teaching (life-long learning) Example evidence includes, but is not limited to: CPD record, additional training in education or pharmacology, conference and workshop participation
    • Leadership in the personal development of other pharmacology teachers


  • Member for at least 2 years
  • The Society is committed to increasing the diversity of its award recipients. Excellent candidates are encouraged to apply, especially those from under-represented groups


You must complete the online form and upload a PDF including the following information. All documents must use Arial 11 and Moderate margins.

  • One page CV
  • Statement (max 800 words) describing how the candidate meets the criteria
  • Letter of support from the head of teaching or head of faculty (one page)

Deadline for applications: 17 March 2023.

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