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Rang Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching

This annual prize recognises outstanding achievement in the teaching of both clinical and non-clinical pharmacology. Winners will receive £1,000.


Candidates will have made an exceptional contribution to the teaching of clinical or non-clinical pharmacology in the past five years (i.e. it is not a lifetime award but a prize for initiating recent achievements in teaching)

  • Significant contribution/impact in pharmacology teaching and education in school, undergraduate, postgraduate, medical or veterinary education.
  • Improving educational practice, student outcomes or contributions to pedagogy.


  • Member for at least two years (an exception will be made for school teachers who may be non-members)
  • Joint applications are acceptable
  • The Society is committed to increasing the diversity of its award recipients. Excellent candidates are encouraged to apply, especially those from under-represented groups
  • Applications are subject to the Awards Terms and Conditions


You must complete the online form and upload a PDF including the following information. All documents must use Arial 11 and Moderate margins.

  • One page CV
  • Description of exceptional contribution to teaching and education such as innovative methods (one page)
  • Objective evidence such as student feedback and positive impact within or outside the candidate’s organisation to improve student experience (one page).

Deadline for applications: 17 March 2023.

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Past winners

Published: in Prizes and awards

Recent winners

  • 2022 – Ian Copple; Elizabeth Adeyeye, Daniel Burrage, Christine Cole, Marie Fisk, Christopher Floyd, Spoorthy Kulkarni, Stefanie Lip, Daniel Marks & Jack Ross
  • 2021 – Niru Nirthanan; Aidan Seeley
  • 2020 – Sadani Cooray & Nicolas Goulding; Derek Lang
  • 2019 – Steve Tucker
  • 2018 – Andrew Holt
  • 2017 – Clare Guilding; Richard Prince
  • 2016 – Susan Duty; Lindsey Ferrie
  • 2015 – John Mucklow; Manasi Nandi
  • 2014 – Andrew Hitchings; Samir Ayoub and Michael Seed