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Engagement grants

Published: in Grants and sponsorship

Our goal is to support and promote engagement with all forms of pharmacology and drug discovery research. With our Engagement grant, we want to support our members who are also working towards this. This grant provides up to £1,500 for creating or developing high quality, in person or digital, engagement and outreach activities that will reach a variety of public audiences. 

You can also apply for smaller ’Seed Funding’ grants (up to £250) that can be used for high impact, low cost activities, or for the design and testing of activities that have potential to grow.

This fund is administered by the Society’s Engagement Committee. You can find out more about their activity and the resources and support available to assist in your development and activities here.

Who can apply?

You usually need to have been a member of the Society for a minimum of 6 months to apply. You can find out more about our membership opportunities here. Please get in touch with us at if this is likely to cause a problem for your application.

All members who meet this criteria are able to apply for funding to support engagement activity, though funding is restricted to seed funding (£250) for undergraduate applicants.

What is available?

  • Up to £1,500 for an Engagement Grant to support the development of innovative engagement and communication activities
  • Up to £250 for Seed Funding to support the initial design and testing of an idea, or to support delivery of high impact, low cost activities.
Funding would typically be required to be used within 12 months of approval.

Apply now

Additional information

  • We want to promote engagement with all forms of pharmacology and drug discovery research. To facilitate this we will give preference to proposals that result in a resource or tool that can be hosted on our website for use by other members, or that can be used to reach under-served groups and communities.
  • Where the audience is school or university students, we will give preference to applications that align with our core curricula and/or link to relevant school/college curricula, as appropriate. Our Education team is happy to help review your application in line with these criteria, should you need this.
  • The proposed project must be fully delivered within the timeframe set out in the application, and within the funding amount awarded. Any unused funds will be returned to the Society, and any changes to the delivery date should be agreed with the awarding committee.
  • Successful applicants are expected to submit a short report on completion of the project which may be in the form of a Pharmacology Matters article for dissemination to the membership.
  • Please note that applications will be anonymised before consideration.