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BPS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Prize, sponsored by AstraZeneca

Published: 28 Feb 2021 in Prizes and awards

As a member of EDIS, the Society is committed to championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and set a headline objective in its 5-year (2018-22) strategy “to remove barriers to participation and success, while welcoming equality and celebrating diversity, and being inclusive in all we do”. We encourage our community to join us in this drive and want to recognise efforts being made by members.

Applications will open in January 2021.


Evidence of significant efforts to create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment, within
  • the candidate’s institute
  • other organisations
  • across institutes or organisations
Evidence such as
  • embedding EDI into mainstream work; through the approach and undertaking of all tasks, be it day-to-day tasks or larger projects.
  • doing things differently by incorporating EDI values into the way of working resulting in a positive shift in organisational culture.
  • engaging with colleagues, speaking openly about personal experiences in a visible forum that encourages and champions diversity and inclusion in a way that new and existing colleagues can relate to.
  • other evidence of EDI initiatives applied within a research setting.


  • Applications accepted from or for members (or teams where the lead applicant is a member).
  • Lead applicant will have been a member for at least two years.
  • Applicants may be working in academia, clinical, industry or other backgrounds.
  • Retrospective applications are welcome, with no time limit.
  • The Society is committed to increasing the diversity of its award recipients. Excellent candidates are encouraged to apply, especially those from under-represented groups


One PDF containing a concise statement (maximum of two pages) explaining the contributions of the individual or team.

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Vane Medal

This prize is named in honour of Sir John Vane who discovered how aspirin works, laying the foundation for current understanding of anti-inflammatory medicines.

Recent winners

  • 2019 – Brian Kobilka
  • 2018 – Fiona Marshall
  • 2017 – Patrick Sexton
  • 2016 – Graeme Milligan
  • 2015 – Jane Mitchell
  • 2014 – Anthony Harmar