Care Support Bursary

BPS is committed to working with our members to create a vibrant and inclusive pharmacology community that promotes equity and celebrates diversity.  We want to support our members to be able to attend our meetings and events where this may be difficult due to caring responsibilities. As a member you can apply for a care support bursary if you have caring responsibilities that would otherwise stop you from attending a Society meeting.

You can receive up to £200 to help cover caring costs to attend Society meetings and events.


  • You must be a current member
  • You can apply for support to attend any Society meetings, including but not limited to scientific events and committee meetings
  • You may  also apply for support to attend BPS virtual meetings if caring responsibilities would make this difficult
  • You must apply for the bursary at least one calendar month before the event
  • Generally, only one award will be made to an applicant, per calendar year. For exceptional circumstances where you feel this cap would impact your ability to attend future meetings, please get in touch with us at


  • We will give preference to applications that clearly demonstrate the benefit to the applicant and to the wider pharmacology community of attending the event, for example, presenting an abstract
  • The breakdown of costs provided must only be related to your caring responsibilities


  • To receive payment, you need to complete and submit via email the  bursary claim form within four weeks of the closing date of the meeting, along with your receipts, the email confirming the bursary, and a certificate of attendance (for scientific meetings only)
  • We will only make payments to a bank account in the applicant’s name, unless otherwise agreed with the Finance Team.


Please complete the application form before submitting it via the 'apply now' link below:

Apply now