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Case Studies


A variety of case studies that illustrates the diversity of roles within pharmacology.

Oliver Bell

12 Aug 2020 in Academic and NHS

Oliver is a PhD student at the University of BristolWhat is your career pathway to...

Patrick Sexton

19 Jul 2018 in Academia

Professor Patrick Sexton, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), Australia ...

Rachel Forfar

07 Sep 2017 in Charity

Rachel is a senior scientist in the not-for-profit sector.What is your career...

Reshma Ramracheya

07 Sep 2017 in Academia

Reshma is a RD Lawrence Research Fellow, group leader and university research lecturer at the...

Rob Hill

13 Nov 2018 in Academic and NHS

Rob is a Senior Research Technician/postgraduate at the University of Bristol.What...

Thomas Jepps

07 Sep 2017 in Industry

Thomas is an assistant professor at the Biomedicinsk Institut and a Carlsberg Foundation...