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Where do you want to go?

Have you recently completed a degree or PhD in pharmacology? Whether you already know your next steps or need some help deciding, here you will find information and inspiration for the next phase of your career. You will see that a pharmacology background not only provides you with specialist research skills but a wide set of transferable skills that fit a diverse range of roles. 

When considering your next step after completing a pharmacology degree, it is worth considering what you enjoyed about the experience. It can be useful to understand what you enjoy and think about your future ambitions before choosing your next career move.

These questions might help:

  • Do you enjoy working independently?
  • Which parts of your training have you enjoyed most?
  • Did you enjoy the technical and practical nature of research or the philosophical aspect of charting unknown territory? 
  • Do you enjoy working with others towards a common goal?
  • Would you prefer to lead your own research?
  • Would you like to set up your own lab in the future?
  • Would you prefer to work as part of a large organisation, such as a pharmaceutical company? 

Once you have thought about these questions, you can think your next step for progressing in your research career. 

Our self reflection tool could also help.

Take a look at our Where can pharmacology take me? pages for information on just some of the potential career paths open to you as a pharmacologist. You can also see where others have taken their chosen career path after training in pharmacology.