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Training opportunities

We provide training and assessment sessions for Specialty Training Registrars at our annual Pharmacology meeting. The sessions cover the major sections of the specialty training curriculum. These are:​

  • Undertaking and interpreting clinical investigations including clinical trials ​

  • Optimising the therapeutic use of drugs ​

  • Detection and analysis of adverse drug effects ​

  • Contributing to the evaluation of medicines ​

  • Poisoning management​

Our Specialty Registrar Advisory Group also organises training days around the country. For information on upcoming training days search our upcoming events.

Previous sessions include:​

2018 training day


We also run a series of workshops in various cities around the UK, delivered by member experts to help you to develop your knowledge and expertise on specialist pharmacology topics and new techniques. ​

Our Educator Meetings also bring together educators in pharmacology for a collaborative day of discussions and networking.