Bringing the pharmacological community together​

Celebrating our community at WCP2023

Following the challenges posed throughout the pandemic and changes to audience behaviour in 2022, the Society committed to a review of how it delivered an innovative and engaging events programme for its members and the wider pharmacology community. A working group, chaired by Professor Cherry Wainwright (VP Meetings) delivered their recommendations to Council in September 2023. We are aiming to host approximately 30 events throughout 2024 and planning for this revamped scheduled occurred in the latter stages of the year.

Building off the success of the World Congress, the Society committed to running a programme of events that is affordable for its membership, attracts symposia from global leaders across the full spectrum of drug discovery, development and use of medicines and engages a wide range of partners and sponsors to build the impact of the meetings and diversify our income overall.  
In 2023, we worked across disciplines and international boundaries to co-deliver symposia and meetings with AstraZeneca, the British Toxicology Society, ASPET, ELRIG, EPHAR and EACPT. We hope to expand these opportunities further in 2024 and beyond. In addition, the Society was pleased to take on the leadership and management of the UK Pharmacogenetics & Stratified Medicine Network (UK PGx) in August 2023. This collaboration marks the continued growth of UK PGx since its launch in 2010 and aligns with the Society’s scientific priorities in promoting personalised and precision medicine. By taking on leadership of the Network, the BPS will be able to help manage the larger membership and support further development of opportunities and collaborations. 



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