Our environmental, social and governance goals​

We at the British Pharmacological Society set ourselves the goal of adopting best practice environmental, social and governance policies and practices, and pursuing ethical income opportunities whilst developing clear targets to de-carbonise and reach Net Zero. In 2022 we made progress towards this, as the Society’s investment policy was reviewed through the lens of Environmental, Social and good Governance factors. This resulted in a revised investment policy that fits our ethical investment objectives. The Trustees approved the new policy and our investment managers have been instructed to enact changes as required. 

We did not meet our aim of progressing a framework for receiving donations in 2022. However, through the planning process for the World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, the Society partnered with Enthuse, a charitable donation platform, to fundraise to support early career researchers attend the Congress in 2023. The Society was delighted to receive a significant donation from the Dollery family. Through this generous donation, the Society launched the Sir Colin Dollery Clinical Pharmacology Training Award. This award was established to celebrate the life and legacy of Sir Colin Dollery and it aims to support the discipline of Clinical Pharmacology by encouraging medical students to pursue Clinical Pharmacology as a specialty and increasing basic pharmacology skills for medical students pursuing a career path within industry.  

BPS Trading Services Limited commenced trading with effect from 1 January 2022 and recorded turnover of £41,900 in its first year. BPS Trading Services Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society, created to develop a more commercial approach to existing trading activities (such as sponsorship packages and exhibitions at Society events) and to encourage new trading activities. It supports the Society's aim of developing sustainable and ethical income streams which can support the delivery of our charitable objectives.


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