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Dr Andrew Shrimpton presenting at the 'Lungs: More than just an organ of gas exchange' event - a partnership between the British Pharmacological Society in The Physiological Society.

In setting the goals for the British Pharmacological Society in 2022, we identified that we needed to not only capitalise on our own strengths in producing quality content, but also to prioritise commercial partnerships that could amplify the quality and reach of our content to new audiences. We kicked this off by launching a new area of our website with case studies of successfully completed partnerships to encourage and bring to life opportunities.

Much of 2022 was spent in preparation for the 19th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2023), a key event in the 2023 calendar. Guided by WCP2023 President and Secretary-General, Professor David Webb and Professor Amrita Ahluwalia, we launched abstracts and registration, and had conversations with partners to build a vibrant and engaging global meeting. The WCP2023 scientific programme was exemplary and over 1,000 abstracts were submitted by December 2022. 


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