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Society partners with Zinc Media for film series

The British Pharmacological Society have partnered with Zinc Media to produce a series of complementary and informative films. These films will celebrate innovation and collaboration across the industry, and highlight the impact this has on millions in the pursuit for patient health.
The COVID-19 pandemic has garnered considerable interest in our profession. Through this partnership with Zinc Media we will tell the stories of the people within it. We will be profiling various career pathways and showcasing why the UK is a power house in the research and development of medicines and therapeutics of the future.
Zinc Media are a critically acclaimed, award winning, content creation business. They are specialists in factual storytelling and are regularly commissioned to produce content on behalf of Panorama and Dispatches.  
The British Pharmacological Society is the primary UK learned society concerned with research into drugs and the way they work. The Society has around 4,000 members working in academia, industry, regulatory agencies and the health services, and many are medically qualified. The Society covers the whole spectrum of pharmacology, including laboratory, clinical, and toxicological aspects. Pharmacology is a key knowledge and skills base for developments in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and is therefore fundamental to a thriving UK industry and R&D. These skills allow members of the Society to identify therapeutic areas of clinical need, develop novel treatments that target these areas and ensure these new treatments are incorporated into healthcare practice, bringing benefit to patients. The Society publishes three scientific journals: the British Journal of Pharmacology, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, and Pharmacology Research and Perspectives. 
To discuss this exciting opportunity in more detail, including how to be involved in the development of the program, and the funding model behind it, please contact Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming ( or David McDowell, Director of Partnerships (

Published: 31 Mar 2021 in Society news