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Publishing articles

Writing for academic journals can be very competitive, but is a fantastic way to share your research.

When writing a new piece:

  • Consider the logic of the information that you are presenting
  • Write the paper and then go back and edit afterwards
  • Make your argument clear throughout the paper
  • Ask your colleagues to review and provide feedback – another pair of eyes may spot things that you did not
  • Consider your audience and explain information that they may not know


When submitting make sure to:

  • Select the correct journal to publish your article in
  • Adhere to the submission guidelines
  • Provide context on why your research is relevant

Our journals

Handling of our journal submissions is through our editorial office based at Wiley.


Most submitted articles will return with suggested corrections or edits after review. It is an integral part of the peer review process and will help improve the quality of the work you have submitted. Take time to address the points, and make sure you justify any suggestions you choose not to consider.

Again, ask colleagues for advice, suggestions, sense-checking and proofreading.

Benefits of publishing with us

  • Online submission – simple and easy to submit
  • No publication charges
  • Fast publication – unedited papers published online within days of acceptance
  • Free colour – online