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The President on the road: from the House of Commons to World Congress in Japan

12 Jul 2018 in President's message published July 2018

It has been a hectic – but very enjoyable – couple of weeks representing the Society, first in Parliament in London and then at the World Congress of Pharmacology in Kyoto in Japan.

There is a heavy cost to getting a PhD that nobody talks about

06 Jul 2018 published July 2018

Embarking on a PhD is a journey of epic proportions. Initially filled with excitement and enthusiasm, students are compelled by the idea of pushing the frontiers of human knowledge.

Using animals in biomedical research: why education holds the key

13 Jun 2018 published June 2018

Animal (or in vivo) experiments play an important role in biomedical research. They are essential to support the development of innovative medicines which can ultimately improve human and animal health.

Mental health issues: a common lab hazard?

05 Jun 2018 published June 2018

While many researchers are fighting the good fight in the lab, it seems we are losing a war with our own health. A recent publication from Nature determined that graduate students are six times more likely to experience periods of depression and anxiety compared to the general population. So what is it about being in research that predisposes us to such health hazards?

Antipodean molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors

23 May 2018 published May 2018

Nicola Smith talks (enthusiastically) about G protein-coupled receptors and how she came to study them.

President’s message: celebrating our award winners

16 May 2018 in President's message published May 2018

One of the highlights of being President of the Society is being able to celebrate the achievements of our members by announcing the recipients of our prizes and awards. Each prize and award, in its particular way, is designed to encourage, reward and raise the profile of a part of our vibrant community.

President’s message: upcoming meetings – so much science, so little time!

16 Apr 2018 in President's message published April 2018

Steve Hill looks forward to a busy few months of Society meetings and events.

Your Society

09 Apr 2018 in Your Society published April 2018

I want to take this opportunity in the to share a few thoughts about the Society’s new five-year strategy.

Winning the AJ Clark Studentship: a leap of faith and finding my passion

02 Mar 2018 in Young pharmacologists, Prizes, awards and grants published March 2018

"It’s safe to say that I didn’t get into pharmacology the traditional way." The winner of the 2018 AJ Clark Studentship reflects on the experiences that led her to pharmacology, and to successfully apply for the Society's prestigious PhD study funding.

President's message: Society prizes and awards

14 Feb 2018 in President's message published February 2018

This is the time of year when the Society looks to its members to help us recognise and celebrate the achievements of individuals in the pharmacology community.

Affinity Groups update - Cardiovascular & Respiratory Pharmacology Affinity Group

01 Feb 2018 in Affinity groups published February 2018

The Cardiovascular & Respiratory Pharmacology Affinity Group aims to provide a supportive, inclusive forum for Society members with an interest in all aspects of cardiovascular and respiratory pharmacology.