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Bringing stories to life through student engagement: a personalised approach to diversifying the curriculum

18 Oct 2022 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published October 2022

Kingston University's Nick Freestone discusses his work to bring representation and inclusion to the forefront of his pharmaceutical science curriculum.

Academic black dog

14 Jan 2019 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published January 2019

The idea that mental health issues are increasingly common amongst university students compared to the general public has gained traction in recent years. For example, in 2017 the All Party Parliamentary Group of Students found that 69% of students have felt depressed within an academic year – a percentage almost three times higher than that reported for the elderly.

Research: a career or a calling?

26 Nov 2018 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published November 2018

There is something of a public perception that ‘scientist’ is more a description of someone’s life than a job title. A scientist is someone who wears a lab coat, who may be a little wild in appearance and who spends all of their time alone conducting difficultto-understand experiments. Sadly, this perception is not solely the domain of `the public’ and, to a certain extent, is perpetuated and encouraged in academic labs.

SUSTAIN – enabling female scientists to thrive

01 Sep 2018 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published September 2018

At the Academy of Medical Sciences, we have a commitment to developing talented researchers. To do this, we have created a range of innovative programmes of tailored support that respond to specific need.

An Antarctic expedition for women in science leadership

29 Aug 2018 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published August 2018

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent on Earth, yet it is the unexplored nature of its landscape that is the defining characteristic. The Antarctic Treaty1 which protects areas below 60° South latitude, represents 80% of the World’s population, yet very few people have experienced Antarctica.

Evidence for gender inequality in pharmacology: raising awareness and motivating change

26 Aug 2018 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published August 2018

The exchange of ideas and knowledge is an essential aspect of being a scientist that enhances our collective progress. As academics our contributions to the field, both as individuals and teams, are measured by our metrics. Peer reviewed publications are the core ingredients we use to demonstrate our productivity and capability. However, the quality and impact of our research relies on a variety of evidence, including peer recognition in the form of invited conference presentations and scientific awards.

Inclusion at the British Pharmacological Society

17 Aug 2018 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published August 2018

The first objective set out in the Society’s new five-year strategy for 2018-2022, which launched at the end of 2017, is “To remove barriers to participation and success, while welcoming equality and celebrating diversity, and being inclusive in all we do”.