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Young Pharmacologists update

Published: 04 Sep 2017
Category: Young pharmacologists
By Vedia Can

The Young Pharmacologists Advisory Group (YPAG) therefore tries to reflect this demographic in its Advisory Group members. We try to ensure a broad spectrum of expertise when recruiting new group members, with representation from clinical, academic and industrial career backgrounds, from undergraduate through to post-doctoral level – and regardless of geography, being inclusive in all that we do. This is why we welcomed international and UK applications from our younger membership in our recent recruitment call in March 2017. We also co-opted the Society’s current AJ Clark students for the duration of their studentship (AJ Clark students have been awarded a studentship from the Society and are young scientists carrying out PhD research in pharmacology).

A growing group

As of March 2017 seven new members have joined the Group (with two new members based in Lithuania and Denmark), increasing the group to 15 members.

The core Advisory Group serves a much larger network of over 2,000 of the Society’s members in the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Early Career membership categories.

While it is often said that younger scientists are the future of pharmacology, given the size of our group, the YPAG is very much the present for the British Pharmacological Society!

The Group works hard to deliver a range of activities to support younger members. In this spirit, since 2016, a Young Pharmacologist Trustee – Aidan Seeley, Queen’s University Belfast, UK – has sat on the Society’s Council, giving an important voice to younger members at the highest level of decision making. One of the decisions the Trustees recently approved was to give Early Career and Postgraduate Members the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting and elections, joining Full Members, Retired Members, Fellows and Honorary Fellows in the Society’s ‘electorate’.

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About the author

Vedia is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Westminster, UK, specialising in immunopharmacology, and also a member of the Young Pharmacologists Advisory Group and Pharmacology Matters Editorial Board at the British Pharmacological Society. Her primary research focus is exploring how inflammatory pathways in an osteoarthritic model can be inhibited using novel compounds. Previously, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Medical Molecular Biology.