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President’s Message: The Life Sciences Vision and Pharmacology 2021

Published: 22 Jul 2021
Category: President's message

In the first part of my July blog, I want to highlight a government strategy published this month, which closely aligns with fundamental missions for the Society. I am referring to the ten-year Life Sciences Vision, which commits to:

  • investing in the UK’s world-leading science base
  • supporting a thriving life sciences sector and clinical research infrastructure
  • helping to embed research into patient care through the NHS
  • supporting critical skills areas – including clinical pharmacology

The vision is important for the Society because it provides an opportunity to learn from and build on the ways the NHS, life sciences industry and regulators worked together to rapidly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. To deliver the best health outcomes for patients, we need to build a skilled and diverse workforce. Clinical pharmacologists will form a vital part of this workforce.

In the second part of my blog, I turn to our fast-approaching annual Pharmacology meeting. We have been working hard to bring you another excellent virtual annual meeting, and this year is particularly poignant as we celebrate the Society’s 90th anniversary. The anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved, how we have evolved, and to look to the future of our discipline.

I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you at Pharmacology 2021 for symposia, panel discussions, prize lectures, poster presentations, awards, education and skills sessions, and networking opportunities – including our all-important social event.

If you have not yet, make sure you register for the meeting and social event.

Our programme is brimming with topical content from a diverse and knowledgeable array of speakers, covering a broad range of specialisms within pharmacology and therapeutics. To highlight a few sessions:

Day 1
  • The recently-knighted Professor Sir Martin Landray will be launching our scientific sessions with his insights into the RECOVERY clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments.
  • Over on our Digital Networking Hub, we will hear international perspectives on pharmacology from members in Nigeria, Mexico, Spain, Australia and Uganda.
Day 2 
  • Dr Catriona Waitt will share her prize-winning efforts to transform research culture to ensure equality, equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Continuing with the COVID-19 theme, we will be joined by some of the most prominent figures in the development and regulation of COVID-19 vaccines.
Day 3
  • We will hear about different career pathways for pharmacologists on the Digital Networking Hub.
  • Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, who led the Oxford vaccine team, will close our meeting by sharing her insights about the development of the ChAdOx1 vaccine platform.

View our full programme for more details on all our sessions, and to plan your activities at Pharmacology 2021.

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