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Published: 28 Apr 2017
Category: Editorial

We have certainly kicked off 2017 with a bang here at the Society and this issue brings together the latest developments and changes driven by you!
Jono’s article shares what is currently being done to protect and promote pharmacology, on behalf of our more-than 4,000 members (how super that we have so many members!).
Elliot Lilley, Sarah Bailey and Emma Robinson focus on one of the ‘3Rs’, that being ‘refinement’. They examine the meaning of refinement and provide examples of how ‘small changes to everyday procedures can be implemented to refine experimental procedures’. Next, Vedia brings us the latest news from the Young Pharmacologists over the last few months. This is followed by an Ambassadors update, written by Aisah Aubdool, with some of the events she has been involved in at KCL.
Síle Lane discusses the implications of a lack of transparency around clinical trials – and what can and is being done by AllTrials, the Society and others.
In the next article, Teesha discusses the roles of the Advisory Groups in providing a ‘two-way communication between the Society’s membership and its Council and Committees’. She draws attention to the new International Advisory Group (which I am delighted to say I am part of). Staying with an international theme, Eyasu Makonnen presents an overview about the All Africa Congress on Pharmacology and Pharmacy.
Have you ever wondered ‘what happens at Finance Committee meetings’? Well, wonder no more! Mike tells us all about the Committee and its valuable work. This is then followed by the Affinity Groups update from Niall Hyland, Steve Safrany and Gary Stephens. Niall then pairs up with Susanne for our regular meetings update, covering past events and new meetings coming up in 2017.
Were you at the early morning education bootcamp at Pharmacology 2016? If not (or even if you were and it’s a little fuzzy!), Steve Tucker, Lisa Wallace and Anna Zecharia round up all the key points from the bootcamp and other education-themed sessions from December’s meeting.
In our last article, Roderick Scott tells us all about his transition from pharmacologist to artist – I can relate to his passion for art (and pharmacology) very much!
Many of you may know that my three-year term as Editor-in-Chief ends soon (June to be precise!). I really cannot believe where the time has gone!!! Writing my final Editorial is filled with mixed emotions: I am sad to be leaving, but I very pleased with how the publication has grown and I am excited to see the changes that your new Editor-in-Chief will bring.
I have fully enjoyed my term and I want to sincerely thank the editorial board and everyone at the Society (especially Kat) for their relentless determination, enthusiasm and help. It has been immense fun and I will miss you all.
Best wishes,

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