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Your Society: Looking back on 2021

20 Dec 2021 in Your Society published December 2021

Read the latest blog from Society CEO, Rachel Lambert-Forsyth.

The importance of multidisciplinary approaches during public health crises

15 Dec 2021 in Unmet health needs & health inequalities published December 2021

Aidan Seeley and Adam Dicks explore the lessons from the HIV/AIDS epidemic for the current SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic and the takeaways for the next generation of policymakers and scientists.

Fraught decision-making in transgender medicine

15 Dec 2021 in Unmet health needs & health inequalities published December 2021

Using ethnographica data, Dr. stef m. shuster examines the uncertainty that providers of transgender medicine experience, which is exacerbated by a paucity of training and scientific evidence on gender-affirming interventions. Dr shuster concludes with the social implications of fraught decision-making in trans medicine.

Exploring the role of pharmacology in addressing unmet health needs

15 Dec 2021 published December 2021

The Society is launching a new blog series exploring how pharmacology can help address unmet health needs and health inequalities. We are inviting contributors to share their experience and expertise on a range of topics, to spark discussion about how research and care can be best deployed to those who need it. Read our editorial to find out more. 

2021 in Open Access at the British Pharmacological Society

23 Nov 2021 published November 2021

Charles Whalley, our Head of Journals Publishing, updates on the Society's Open Access work in 2021. 

President’s Message: A fond farewell

22 Nov 2021 in President's message published November 2021

Society President Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed shares some reflections about leadership during a global pandemic, as he nears the end of his Presidency.


Voice of the Future 2021

04 Nov 2021 published November 2021

Each year the Royal Society of Biology hosts 'Voice of the Future' - an event where early career scientists can question senior parliamentarians about issues related to science policy. Josh Dignam gives a roundup of the 2021 event. 

Top tips for pursuing careers outside of academia and industry

28 Oct 2021 published October 2021

Dr Aidan Seeley summarises the speakers' advice from our 'careers outside of academia and industry' session at Pharmacology 2021. 

Your Society: PSA Prep and Clinical Pharmacology Week

25 Oct 2021 in Your Society published October 2021

Read CEO Rachel Lambert-Forsyth's October blog to learn about the Society's recent activities. 

Showcasing clinical pharmacology: our BPS Live webinar series for Clinical Pharmacology Week 2021

21 Oct 2021 published October 2021

A roundup of our BPS Live webinar series for Clinical Pharmacology Week 2021

President’s Message: Reflecting on Pharmacology 2021

22 Sep 2021

Society President, Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, reflects on the recent Pharmacology 2021 conference and looks forward to upcoming events.