Blog - November 2018

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Research: a career or a calling?

26 Nov 2018 in Equality, diversity and inclusion published November 2018

There is something of a public perception that ‘scientist’ is more a description of someone’s life than a job title. A scientist is someone who wears a lab coat, who may be a little wild in appearance and who spends all of their time alone conducting difficultto-understand experiments. Sadly, this perception is not solely the domain of `the public’ and, to a certain extent, is perpetuated and encouraged in academic labs.

The pain divide

20 Nov 2018 published November 2018

Chronic pain is a serious and growing worldwide problem, and the burden it places on our society is increasing. To manage the symptoms associated with chronic pain, there is heavy reliance on the use of opioid analgesics, although there are limited studies to support their long-term effectiveness. 

Your Society

15 Nov 2018 in Your Society published November 2018

By the time you read this you will hopefully have already seen the Society’s announcement of its new Scientific Advisory Panel. I’d like to talk about the role we see this group playing, and what it means for the Society.