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Published: 29 Jun 2020
Category: Editorial

With the release of exam results this summer, the spotlight has fallen on how incredibly challenging the impact of COVID-19 has been for students, educators and families across the nation.

Receiving your exam results - and making choices for the next steps in your education and career – has always been a key milestone for those entering into the next stage of study or the workforce for the first time. Add a global pandemic and rapidly changing circumstances, and it becomes very clear that this generation of young people, and those who share their journey, will need careful, continued support as they move on to their next career stage.

Here, at the British Pharmacological Society, we are well-equipped to provide a friendly and supportive environment for the next generation of pharmacologists. Undergraduate membership of the Society is free and provides immediate access to a ready-made community of members who have trodden the same path, and can share experiences of their journeys through university and into the world of work.

Whether you are passionate about clinical pharmacology and its application in the NHS, are interested in working in industry after you graduate or want to continue in academia, there are members who you can talk to about your specific interests. While it is not possible to meet to face-to-face at the moment, our online BPS Community is there for you to help you connect with other pharmacology students as well. And when the time comes that we can meet again in person, our events and activities are a great way to build your networks, as well as make lifelong friends.

We offer undergraduate members many ways to build skills too; from support with writing for the Society’s blog or online magazine Pharmacology Matters, to access to journals, e-learning and the Concise Guide to Pharmacology, to Vacation Studentships that cover living costs during research projects.

I am also delighted to share that our Education and Engagement team has been working hard on the careers section of our website. They have been meticulously renewing and reimagining our careers resources, so that the latest and most useful information is available for students planning their future in pharmacology. You will be able to see the results of this very soon.

Once new undergrads have their first term under their belt, it will be time for our annual meeting, Pharmacology 2020, in December, which we will be running in an online, interactive virtual setting for the first time over the course of a week. While we would normally be welcoming our student members face to face, this year we have the chance to meet on a global scale from the convenience of our own homes. There will be dedicated careers content at Pharmacology 2020, plus the chance to socialise and meet other new members, virtually.

I look forward to seeing you at Pharmacology 2020 and welcoming you, the next generation of pharmacologists. You have an exciting journey ahead, and we are here for you every step of the way.

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