2023 prize and award winners announced

The Society is delighted to announce the winners of a number of prizes and awards for 2023. 

Our prizes and awards are designed to recognise the contributions to pharmacology made by our members and increase our impact on the discipline by supporting the career progression of early career pharmacologists.  

Crossing a range of disciplines, this year’s winners have demonstrated excellence in clinical and non-clinical pharmacology. 

The full list of winners is below. 

AJ Clark Studentship

This studentship enables scientists with degrees in pharmacology or related disciplines to carry out research in pharmacology leading to a PhD.

  • Sofia Fontana-Giusti, University of Reading

Australasian Visitor

  • Dr Fiona Murray, University of Aberdeen

BPS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Prize

This annual prize recognises members who are championing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine and Sciences Development, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, King’s College London

B├╝lbring Award

This annual award supports members returning to work following a career break.

  • Dr Jianmin Chen, Queen Mary, University of London

Dunlop Prize

This biennial prize supports the professional development of early career, clinical members.   

  • Dr Emma Magavern, Queen Mary, University of London

Pickford Award

This annual award provides career enhancing opportunities for early career members.

  • Dr Jose Torres-Perez, University of Valencia

Rang Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching   

  • Dr Margaret Cunningham, University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Sarah Judge, Newcastle University

Schachter Award

This biannual award provides postgraduate students with an opportunity to visit an international laboratory to learn a new technique.

  • Hannah Lockington, University of Nottingham

Sir Henry Wellcome Gold Medal

This biennial prize recognises outstanding achievement and leadership in pharmacology and therapeutics.

  • Professor V Craig Jordan, University of Texas

Vacation Studentship

This studentship encourages undergraduates to take pharmacology as a specialism.

  • Shahd Abdelrahman, University of Cambridge
  • Tanmayi Bingi, University of Bath
  • Jeffrey Kahol de Jong, Imperial College London
  • Rugile Dovidonyte, University College London
  • Billy Egan, University College Dublin
  • Lilie Gailloud, Durham University
  • Natalia Grzesik, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Elena Santocanale, University of Galway
  • Kieran Smith, University of Cambridge
  • Matthew Thomas, University of Edinburgh

Vane Medal

This biennial prize rewards outstanding achievement and leadership in non-clinical pharmacology.

  • Professor Andrew Tobin, University of Glasgow

Vogt Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Postgraduate Studies

  • Dr Charles Lay, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Claudia Pisanu, University of Cagliari

Zaimis Prize for Sustained Achievement & Leadership in Pharmacology Teaching    

  • Dr Christine Edmead, University of Bath

Congratulations again to all the winners!

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Published: 12 Jun 2023 in Society news