Society highlights pharmacogenomics to MPs for Evidence Week

As part of Evidence Week 2022, the British Pharmacological Society is taking part in an event in Parliament where we will engage with MPs and peers to highlight our recent work focused on the implementation of pharmacogenomics in the NHS. Our aim is to highlight how this work will be key for improving patient outcomes.  

Evidence Week, coordinated by Sense About Science, is an opportunity for the public, parliamentarians, and researchers to come together to share knowledge and insights. The BPS Evidence Week ‘Pod’, taking place today (15 November 2022), will see Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, Dr Emma Magavern and Dr Richard Turner representing the Society and presenting ‘Personalised Prescribing’, a joint report we published earlier this year with the Royal College of Physicians. They will discuss the evidence and recommendations with MPs and peers and will also showcase the importance of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology. 

Professor Munir Pirmahamed talking to Minister for Science, Research & Innovation, George Freeman MP, at Evidence Week 2022.

The report outlines the cost of unwanted side effects from prescription drugs on the NHS. It explains how integrating pharmacogenomic testing into the NHS could support the prescribing of drugs that are both safe and effective for patients, providing practical guidance on how we could work towards this goal and ensure clinicians have the knowledge they need to safely prescribe. 

Watch Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed discuss the topic in further detail: 

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To learn more and help us spread the word about pharmacogenomics this #EvidenceWeek, please follow us on Twitter, where we'll be sharing more information about the event from 14-18 November, and follow the Sense About Science Twitter account

Published: 15 Nov 2022 in Journal news