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British Pharmacological Society’s new three-year strategy launched

Published: 06 Jan 2022 in Society news

Download now: Our Strategic Plan: 2022 - 2024

The British Pharmacological Society is delighted to launch its new strategy which builds on strong foundations and keeps the needs of its 4,500+ membership,* and the wider community, at the heart of its future.

The Society’s vision is a world in which pharmacology and therapeutics drive and support progress in science,  medicine and healthcare for the benefit of all in Society. Its revitalised and bold strategic approach for the next three years, driven by new values and created amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is focussed on raising even greater awareness of the impact of our discipline, bringing pharmacologists more closely together, and supporting and celebrating their scientific advances for the health of humans and animals.

The new strategy follows a turbulent two years for global health, during which Society members around the world actively contributed to saving lives and reducing the effects of COVID-19. But though this has been a challenging period for science and medicine, the Society’s plans for 2022 - 2024 seek to use the renewed profile of pharmacology and drug discovery to further improve the understanding of their benefits to the wider community.  

Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Lambert Forsyth, says this is a chance to reflect, look forward, and redefine pharmacology:

We celebrated our 90th anniversary in 2021, and with this new strategy, we are seeking to build on all that we have achieved so far over our 90-year history. We have members’ needs at our very core, and this new strategy is created with them, for them and on behalf of them.

And while we are member-led, our immediate future is also centred on building a stronger, more relevant Society for all, and working closely with our partners to reach those goals. We are capitalising on what we have and are moving quickly and boldly to respond to changes in the world.

The Society’s new strategy is based on three pillars: ‘Progressing our pharmacology priorities’, which includes disseminating, creating and curating cutting edge science and thematic priorities;  ‘Celebrating and connecting our community’, focussed on removing barriers to inclusion, engaging and educating across all pharmacological settings, and embracing technology to expand our communities; and ‘Sustaining our Society’, which looks to secure the future of the Society for the next generation of pharmacologists, not only with financial and structural resilience, but also by adopting best practice environmental, social and governance practices, with clear targets to de-carbonise and reach Net Zero.

These strategic pillars and their objectives are further underpinned by new values – 'inclusive', 'nurturing', 'professional', and 'bold'. These values are an evolution of the principles and purpose that staff and members have been guided by during the past five years. Rachel says that they will be evident in the Society’s actions and achievements, and encourages the community to hold the Society to account.

In the next three years, we aim to be bolder and more innovative than ever before. We will be a trusted voice for pharmacologists around the world and across all walks of life, creating opportunities and celebrating achievements. We will hold ourselves to account if our values are not reflected in everything we do

The strategic plan for 2022 - 2024 is being implemented at a time when recovery from, and management of, the pandemic are priorities for many people. It provides therefore a flexible framework to support that recovery, while ensuring pharmacology is at the forefront of the fight to ensure healthy lives.

The Society is grateful to our Trustees, members and partners for their wholehearted engagement with our work. We look forward to collaborating with them in the coming years to make our vision for a world in which pharmacology and therapeutics drive and support progress in science, medicine and healthcare for the benefit of society, a reality.

Download now: Our Strategic Plan: 2022 - 2024
*updated approximate figure based on final 2021 membership data.