Society welcomes Wiley policy on author name change

The Society welcomes the announcement that Wiley, publisher of our journals, has updated its policy regarding author name changes with the aim of supporting the trans and non-binary academic community, and contributing to an inclusive research environment. The update covers all journals in Wiley’s portfolio, and is now effective on the British Journal of Pharmacology, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacology Research & Perspectives.
The update puts the author at the centre of the policy: it no longer requires that authors provide proof of their name change, and respects privacy by no longer notifying co-authors or issuing corrections. The policy will benefit authors who request name changes for many reasons (including change in relationship status), enabling an author’s published work to be easily linked to a single name rather than spread over multiple records. Wiley was particularly motivated to reduce the invasiveness of its previous policy after becoming aware of the negative impact that ‘deadnaming’ has on transgender people.
Wiley’s policy was informed by guidance from EDIS (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science & Health) Group, of which the Society is a member, and supported by discussions with the Society and our journals. This change from the journals’ publisher represents an important contribution towards  the Society’s Vision for equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of pharmacology.
Dr Anna Zecharia, the Society’s Director for Policy & Public Affairs said:

It’s great to see Wiley move to a trans-inclusive name change policy - coming out should be a personal choice, not forced by the need to maintain a publishing record.
Wiley’s decision, and the recent action of other academic publishers, is a step in the right direction towards a positive and inclusive research culture. The shift has also demonstrated the importance of collective action, and the power that networks and relationships have in creating change.
The Society’s Vision of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion commits us to placing equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of pharmacology, whether in terms of the opportunity for a successful career (in pharmacology or at the Society) or in benefitting from pharmacology research. We are pleased to have contributed to this decision, and will continue to work with our members and partners to make research for everyone.

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Published: 20 Jan 2021 in Society news