Society comment on #BlackLivesMatter

The Society includes a diversity of people from all backgrounds for whom we will provide an environment that supports their endeavours, celebrates their achievements, and removes any systemic barriers to their participation. This is embedded in our strategy, which has set the stage for the work we have started and are committed to.

However, we must acknowledge that racism is structurally embedded into systems and processes across our society, including within science and health. This has a systemic effect on representation and experience. We are also aware that recent events will have affected our staff and members. We want to speak up at this time in particular - to raise our hands and show that we are part of the community trying to get this right.

We encourage our staff and members to be active in your support and to take responsibility for educating yourself about racism and the experiences of those who are different from you. We urge you to take care of your friends and colleagues at this time.

We have a lot of work to do and will update as we go, but in the meantime - we will not be silent that #blacklivesmatter.

Supporting resources

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With thanks to EDIS, the Royal Society of Biology and the British Science Association for support with these resources

Published: 02 Jun 2020 in Society news