Message to our members about coronavirus (COVID-19)

As you would expect, we have been carefully monitoring developments in relation to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.
These are unprecedented times and our main aim is to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and members. We have put a proactive plan in place to ensure that we are taking reasonable steps to protect this, and reduce risk to members and staff, while continuing our services. The Society has robust data and communication systems to allow cloud storage, and support remote work as appropriate to our business and committee needs therefore we are in a good position to move to a remote working scenario.
To this end, we have put into place the following measures:

  • No face to face meetings at Angel Gate, with all committees until at least 30 April now being run virtually.  This includes the forthcoming Council meeting.
  • All our staff have been regularly and reliably able to work from home since July 2018; this is now the default in order to enhance social distancing, and reduce spread within and out-with the office.
  • With the plans and facilities we have in place we anticipate that you should not notice any significant difference, and phone calls and emails will be answered as normal. This means that there should be no negative effect on the Society’s day to day business.
Monitoring the national situation and making decisions in good time as to whether any scientific meetings should go ahead, be postponed or cancelled, or be held virtually. As you may already be aware, it has been decided to cancel or postpone a number of our meetings and training workshops.

We feel the above is an appropriate response to Government advice that will also ensure that there is business continuity within the Society.  However, the situation is changing rapidly and we are ready to respond further as Government advice changes. Should you have any queries please direct them to We will be monitoring the correspondence and will respond as needed.

We will regularly update social media channels, and will keep you informed of further developments via email.


Published: 17 Mar 2020 in Society news