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British Pharmacological Society Statement on the Interim NHS People Plan

Published: 03 Jun 2019 in Policy statements

BPS welcomes publication of the Interim NHS People Plan and outlines key areas where clinical pharmacology can provide support.

Jonathan Bruun, CEO of the British Pharmacological Society, said:

“So many of the issues facing our national healthcare system concern the use of medicines, whether it is to treat our ageing population, or those with more than one chronic illness, or those taking multiple prescribed medications. The complexity of these challenges is growing, and so is the need for people-focused solutions.

“The NHS Interim People Plan provides real clarity over the way in which the NHS expects to meet 21st century healthcare challenges, and is a very welcome step forward.

“For a while, the British Pharmacological Society has argued that a much broader cohort of the NHS workforce should be skilled in the use of medicines. It’s good to see that message taken forward in this report, including through the implementation of Internal Medicine Training, which will enhance generalist care, and through the focus on building workforce skills in genomic medicine, in which Clinical Pharmacologists are already engaged. We have previously recommended exploring credentialing in prescribing and complex polypharmacy, experimental medicine and pharmacogenomics, to ensure standardised levels of skills and care, and would be keen to see that taken into account in the full 5-year plan.

“The report also recognises that optimising the safe and effective use of medicines will be achieved, at least in part, by building and training multi-disciplinary teams. Clinical Pharmacologists have a key role to play here, and are already collaborating with colleagues in Clinical Pharmacy, for example in developing new ways of working that can support the use of medicines at the interface between primary and secondary care.

“In summary, Clinical Pharmacologists, the British Pharmacological Society and our colleagues in the Clinical Pharmacology Skills Alliance (CPSA) are already working on solutions to the skills needs identified in this report and stand ready to support the NHS and its workforce in the development of the full 5-year people plan, and beyond.”

Click here to access the Interim NHS People Plan