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Prizes announced during Pharmacology 2018

Published: 19 Dec 2017 in Society news

We are pleased to have announced the winners of prizes judged or announced at Pharmacology 2018.

AstraZeneca Prize for Women in Pharmacology

  • Dr Fiona Marshall, MSD

Bill Bowman Prize Lectureship

  • Dr Caroline Copeland, St George’s, University of London

BJP Early Career Researcher Prize for Design & Analysis Excellence

  • Dr Catherine Wilder, University College London

BJP Early Career Researcher Prize for Scientific Novelty

  • Dr Nils Rorsman

The BJCP Prize  

  • Dr Flory Muanda, London Health Sciences Centre

Drug Discovery of the Year

  • The team at Roche/Genentech Inc. responsible for the development of Helimbra®

Grahame-Smith Prize

  • Isla Mackenzie, University of Dundee

Novartis Prize

  • Dr Chris Bailey, University of Bath

Rang Prize

  • Andrew Holt, University of Alberta

Sir James Black Award

  • Dr Pancras Wong, Dr Robert Knabb, 
  • Dr Donglu Zhang, Dr Mimi Quan and 
  • Dr Donald Pinto for the discovery of/original research on Eliquis® (Apixaban) at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Vane Medal

  • Dr Fiona Marshall, MSD