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Undergraduate prize winners 2017

Published: 21 Nov 2017 in Society news

We are pleased to announce the 2017 winners of the BSc Pharmacology Prize (nominated by their university department) and the winners of the Clinical Undergraduate Prize (nominated by their medical school).

BSc Pharmacology Prize:

  • Charlotte Bell, University of Bath 
  • Harry Bowden, University of East London 
  • Rami Fakhouri, University of Westminster
  • Alexandra Hand, University of Bristol 
  • Samuel James Hart, King’s College London 
  • Karla Hernandez, University of Hertfordshire 
  • Eleanna Kritikaki, Glasgow Caledonian University 
  • Claire Laxton, University of Manchester 
  • Robyn Macrae, University of Edinburgh 
  • Poorya Moghbel, Cardiff University 
  • Elizaveta Olkhova, Newcastle University 
  • Jessica Quimpo, University of Leeds 
  • Mohammad Jaim Uddin, St George’s, University of London 

Clinical Undergraduate Prize: 

  • Cait Bleakley, University of East Anglia 
  • Lucy Bray, Hull York Medical School 
  • Thomas Brookes, Plymouth University 
  • Bernard Bukala, University of Oxford 
  • Sara Coffey, University College Cork 
  • George Craven, University College London 
  • Sophie Diong, Trinity College Dublin 
  • Holly Fraser, University of Liverpool 
  • Louise Gurowich, Peninsula School of Medicine 
  • Maria Hall, Newcastle University 
  • William Haskins, University of Southampton 
  • John David Kehoe, University College Cork 
  • Zara Khan, Queen Mary, University of London 
  • Ruth Lowe, University of Nottingham 
  • Seraphina Rong Luo, King’s College London 
  • Abhinav Mathur, University of Edinburgh 
  • Daniel O'Reilly, Royal Colleague of Surgeons in Ireland 
  • Ellis Rea, Imperial College London 
  • Philip Roberts-Burt, University of Southampton 
  • Louise Rogers, Cardiff University 
  • Ryan Sterritt, Queen’s University Belfast 
  • Mayu Teranaka, Imperial College London 
  • Chiara Maria Ventre, University of Edinburgh 
  • Jennifer Wood, University of Birmingham