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The ethics of animal research

Published: 09 Aug 2017 in Journal news

The ethics pertaining to animal research have evolved over centuries, but there is still need for refining and improving them. A new review examines the chronology and evolution of ethics in animal experimentation, gives strategies to teach them, and points to alternatives to animal research, including tissue cultures, organs on chips, three-dimensional tissue models, human blood derivatives, and computer modelling.

“This treatise was meticulously constructed for students and scientists involved in animal research. We provide a concise summary of previous and extant thought on animal experimentation ethics, and how these translate into legislation to mandatorily review ethical practices in animal research,” said Dr. Rajaraman Eri, lead author of the Pharmacology Research & Perspectives review. “We proffer practical approaches to teach these to students and scientists. We also provide an outline to available alternatives to animal research.”