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International Advisory Group launched

Published: 09 Jan 2017 in Society news

The British Pharmacological Society is proud to be a global community at the heart of pharmacology: our journals have a global readership, a fifth of our membership is international, and we represent scientists from more than 60 countries worldwide.

An International Advisory Group has been established by Council to represent the interests and views of international members, and to provide two-way communication between these members and Council and Committees.

A large number of non-UK members volunteered to participate in a new International Advisory Group, as part of the Society’s commitment to meeting the needs of members regardless of geography, for which, many thanks. I’m pleased to announce the Group’s membership for its initial three-year term, led by Chair Patrick Sexton and Deputy Chair Felicity Gavins. I look forward to updating members on this development in the future.

Professor David Webb, President of the British Pharmacological Society

View the full list of members for the new International Advisory Group (member sign in required).